I haven’t written a blog post in a long while, have you missed me?

Hmmmm…The silence is deafening!! Anyway I haven’t given up my search for internet fortune and still plodding away looking for that elusive elixir to internet fame and fortune.

Firstly, as said in previous blog post I have not given up entirely on John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success (PTS) it is just that I have hit an impasse on developing my own digital product. Although I have thought long and hard about this and even bought a domain name for my product, Simple Blogging Solutions, I don’t think it will be a best seller.

Why so negative? Well there are so many free ways out there in cyber space where you can find the same information and so I think why buy my product? With a little research you can find nearly everything you need. On that thought maybe I can put together a roadmap where to find all these resources. Now there’s a thought.

Furthermore, John Thornhill (who would have helped launch the product with his army of affiliates) has something very similar in his PTS program. So I have decided not to go ahead with writing this product, for now at least.

A couple of months ago I joined Bryan Winters’s the 5 Figure Day program, this is basically a viral list building product and paid members can also be affiliates. I was sceptical at first, but a friend that was using it, recommended it, and offered to share his affiliate commission with me if I joined via his link. Basis there was an introductory offer of $1 for a 30 day trial; I though well why not, if I don’t like it I can cancel within 30 days. And so it came to pass!

Hint: if you are going to buy a product, ask a friend to become an affiliate of that product, buy through their link and then share the commissions. Simple method to pay less for a product!

I found the following review of the 5 Figure day system on the Warrior Forum, the leading internet marketing forum, posted by HanifQ, here is his ‘quick overview’ Quote

  • You receive a brand new, ‘ready made’ website every single month to promote (this website invites people to join YOUR list)
  • You receive step-by-step instructions on how to drive quick traffic to this website using simple methods
  • The people coming to your website start joining your list. These people also get a ‘free’ version of their OWN website to promote
  • When the people who joined your list start promoting THEIR free website, the majority of their subscribers become YOUR subscribers as well! (In other words, they are building your list FOR YOU).
  • Your subscribers, and their subscribers start receiving newsletters and offers automatically, tagged with your affiliate links (the 5 figure system is sending out the newsletters regularly)
  • When all the subscribers under you upgrade their membership from ‘free’ to ‘paid’, and/or purchase the products that are offered to them in the newsletters, you make sales & commissions.
  • Over time, your list grows larger & larger because the subscribers under you are growing their lists…and remember, the majority of their list becomes YOUR list as well.
  • Over time, your commissions also grow in proportion with the growth of your list.

Unquote After nearly two months of using the traffic generating techniques in the 5 figure day, which I must say are very good, I have amassed 225 subscribers and 2 sales. Not only that but I am getting 3 to 5 opt-ins a day on complete autopilot.

Initially I jumped started my campaign by buy buying solo ads to make a quick start and it has snowballed since then. Bryan even has solo ads covered on autopilot for a fee of $40/month which is a fair price as solo ads can costs from $20 for 100 clicks to $100 for 50 clicks. The solo ads side is run by none other Reed Floren who is an expert on solo ads. So it really can be set and forget.

Basis that other highly reputable internet marketers like Charlie Page of the Directory of Ezines highly rates Bryan and promotes his products, plus my friend’s recommendation; it was enough to convince me to join. I am glad I did.

Till next time.


ps- As a Chelsea supporter I am very disappointed that they sold Juan Mata, why strength one of your rivals in the Premi


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