Thought I would update you guys on my progress with the 5figure day program.

So far I have now got  313 subscribers on my lists and out of those 143 were on autopilot, that is to say; either from the solo’s that are sent automatically by Reed Floren, or those generated by the viral part of the program which see others build your list for you.

The solo ads are an optional part of the program, for $40 you can take advantage of Reed Florens expertise in solo ads, this will explain much better than I can (curation again):


Reed Floren – 5FigureDay Traffic Co-Op Manager

Reed Floren has been marketing online since 1999 (he was 13 at the time) and he hasn’t looked back. He has travelled the world speaking all over the United States, Canada, England, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong about how to run an internet business. He manages  which reviews various solo ad providers helping you find the best advertising for your dollar. Reed can be reached at: reed (at)


I got another sale today which makes it a grand total of three and that’s my breakeven, that is to say I pay $97 a month for the program, the commissions on two sales take care of that costs, and the other sale takes care of the auto pilot solos sent out each month on my behalf by Reed Floren. Actually I am $7 up a month!!

So now my lists building is completely free as well as automated, as said before I am getting an average of 3-5 subscribers a day and that list is building nicely.

‘Ahh yes’, I hear you say ‘what about what you have spent so far?’

Granted I spent around $150 on solo emails to get the ball rolling, but since I got one sale pretty quick so the monthly costs of the program was reduced to half. Anyway you have to speculate to accumulate, you have to invest in yourself, since no one will give you something for free will they?

Put it this way if you found a truly easy way to make money online would you sell it for a pittance? I wouldn’t!  As they say in Stella Artois adverts here in the UK ‘reassuringly expensive’ meaning that you get what you pay for.

Overall I would say that I have paid just under a dollar per lead which I not bad and from now on 5 figure day will continue to build my lists for me completely free of charge and that’s a good thing. That’s one part of the make money online jigsaw completed and now onto the rest of the pieces.

The trick here is to get as much traffic to the squeeze page as possible, as they say ‘the money is in the lists’ well it is if you nurture your subscribers and look after them, they will come to trust you and that’s what you want, after all would you buy something from someone you didn’t trust?

Here is the latest 5 figure day reloaded website 6.0



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