Continuing the theme of curation, I have found this on the Chris Farrell membership site which I think is very useful. It is all about cloaking your affiliate links.

There are three main reasons to do this, an ordinary affiliate link:

  1. Looks ugly; it’s usually a combination of alphanumeric characters and is not very pleasing on the eye. So you make it look prettier!
  2. If you know how, a dirty underhanded trick, you can steal someone’s commission by making the right changing the affiliate link.
  3. The ease of changing the affiliate link should you change what you are promoting, so instead of changing all the links individually in your various traffic sources, you simply change the cloaked link and that will then automatically redirect all traffic to the new offer you are promoting.

I use the link cloaker which comes free with the Chris Farrell membership which has an added feature to the above, and this is really something awesome, as you get an email confirming every time someone has clicked on your link.

This way you can split test and see which of your traffic sources sends you the most traffic so you can concentrate on that traffic method. You cannot be the master of all traffic sources, that would be hard to achieve, but to concentrate on those traffic techniques which you are good at and bring you the most traffic. This link cloaker will allow you to do that.

Chris has produced a video explaining all, the raw link to that video is:

Now how ugly does that look!!

Now I have cloaked the video link above using the CFM link cloaker and I get this:

Now doesn’t that look a lot nicer and it also promotes another one of my websites i.e., it redirects you to the video I want to show you and also notifies me by email every time someone views the video via that link.

I could also embedded that link and simply ask my readers to click HERE to watch the video, as long as I use the cloaked link I will know each time someone watches the video, the only drawback with this method id that it doesn’t promote my website name. However, the choice is mine…

Having beaten Manchester City away on Monday to go equal on points with them, but with a much more inferior goal difference, Chelsea remain third in the table, two pints adrift of league leaders Arsenal. Chelsea host Newcastle United at home tomorrow, if they win by two clear goals and both Arsenal and City fail to win, then can go top. A lot of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ I know, but I can dream on!


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